Increase Power


Level up

Tips & Trick

  1. The best way to level up is to finish your main quest as soon as possible. If youíre stuck do your side quest like peach, crusade, etc
  2. When doing a side quest, prioritize to finish it with the highest grade, (ex: using red Order-Jedi for crusade, Getting the red girl for peach, etc). while doing so, try to avoid the enemies since other nation can attack you while you doing this quest


Battle Power

  1. Prioritize upgrading your level above everything. The higher level you reach, more exp you will get from each cultivation and dungeons, and you can reach higher maximum BP. 
  2. Use silver to cultivate to get more benefit
  3. on early stage, Mount, Equipment, Gems, Fashion and Mountís pills can give higher BP
  4. on the first day, you can reach more than lv 55. Focus on 4th order equipments for higher BP and stats


Praying (Unlocked level 41)

  1. when you lack a bit of silver. you can pray to get more silver. The higher your VIP levels, the better the reward you get from praying
  2. There are a few ways to get Gold. Itís recommended to get it through prayer. You can use gold in various ways, but at an early stage you can use it to buy equipment at a consignment store.


Clan/Faction (Unlocked level 20)

Thereís a lot you can do in a clan. So itís better to join/create a clan as soon as possible 

  1. In the early stage try to use bound Immortal Jade or if possible use Immortal Jade. This way you can boost your clan funds and make it grow faster
  2. When you joined/created clan, be sure to check training room to cultivate yourself and help other members speed up their cultivation


God (Unlocked Lv 17)

  1. God gives you more power and stats as you level it up
  2. while transforming into a god, you will recover all your lost HP and get a new 

skill set depending on the god you use.


  1. In the early stages, it is advisable to smelt all excess equipment, and use the acquired materials from smelting to upgrade the equipment.
  2.  The upgraded equipment will return 100% of the material used for upgrading as it smelted, so you can  immediately upgrade, there is no need to save up to a certain stage to start upgrading the equipment.


7 Days Event

  1. Tasks during the initial Seven Days can be successfully achieved by regular players, and it is recommended that players complete the initial Seven Day activities in their spare time.
  2. The first day is not to get the target prize, players just need to keep the frequency of the mission online, most players can hit the jackpot on the seventh day, and players can quickly get it on the sixth day.



  1. Take advantage of the comparison button, if the sense of purpose of the game is lost, you can get comparisons with stronger players to follow up on the increase in the combat power of large forces.
  2. You can compare the difference between yourself and the battle power of the first list by looking at data from comparisons of players who have a larger BP in the list.



  1. Red face is a very high cultivate for promotion, and the main output path is miao.
  2. After reaching a certain Battle Power, remember to polish, not only can you get rewards like soul beads, but you can also unlock various red faces when pushed to a certain advance.
  3. Collect 3 red face beauty. You can marry a beauty, not necessarily marry another player.


Spirit Beast

Unlock At Level 60

  1. The attributes of each spirit beast improvement were determined by qualifications, the higher the quality of the spirit beast, the higher the upper limit of the qualification.
  2. Through refining, the spirit beast qualification could be improved, the higher the quality refining props, the better the effect. Tip: Always keep your best props.

Nation Hero

Unlock At Level 60


You can get a lot of merit, bound immortal jade, and nation contributions. Kill players from enemy nations in King City.

Players from enemy nations can complete this mission when they attack their home country to compete for dragon qi, destroy huge arrays, Smash Statues, and loot arrows. A notification will appear when the enemy attacks, click Go Now to teleport to the target location. Players are advised to attack players from enemy nations together.

(Note: Multiple kills from the same player in a short period of time will not record a Guardian Hero.)


Military Rank

Unlock At Level 60

  1. Smash Statue, destroying grand array, City Patrol, and join nation war will provide meritorious rewards, be sure to participate in this pvp activity.
  2. The stat bonus of the rating system is pretty good


Nation Blood

Unlock At Level 80

Kings can increase the blood of the country, and the country's players can increase blood to increase battle power.


Visit King

Unlock At Level 63

Visits can only be made after the king of the country appears after the end of the war. You can get a big prize.


Quenched Pulse

Players who plunder and kill enemy countries can give qi and blood points. Awards earned at the Arena can also be exchanged for appropriate material encouragement.



Players can gain combat power by changing mounts, leveling up, and using related elixir mounts.


Heaven Book

You can get a lot of EXP and Silver. The higher the Heaven Book level, the higher the reward. Those who are dissatisfied with the draw can be re-drawn, and the re-selected book value should not be lower than the previous level.

Personal Boss

There are 3 times a day to challenge, full recommendations, lost tickets can be purchased at the mall. The shipping rate of the Red Spirit Beast Mountain was extremely high, and there were also Dao Instruments with high probability of delivery, and Sacred Artifacts with little possibility of delivery. 

There will also be a drop of mounting equipment here, and those who haven't gotten the installation equipment can take a few pieces here for basic repairs and then replace them later.



Level 100 increases the wave of search levels, and players who reach new level segments at level 100 will be more cost-effective.


Love Bond

Unlock At Level 65

You can spawn a large number of fairy tales by getting married. The Beauty Harvest Spirit Orb can also be collected to create high-level Spirit Orb inlays. There are roses to send, no matter who you send, send flowers and collect flowers can get charm points, charm values reaching a certain level can receive beauty, and increase combat power.

Xianwa suggested that priority be gained, and one more Xianwa would have one more cultivation path. Players can choose to befriend Red Face, and will also spawn Xianwa cultivation lines.



Players more confident with their own strength can go on to rob the enemy country's world boss while ensuring their own world boss, leaving your legend in the enemy's country.



Wings are the growth of this type of combat power collection, and the more you accumulate, the more significant the increase in combat power will be.



Level 120 completes four rounds and gains the last new skill. The last skills were mostly high explosions, high damage reduction skills, and regimental weapons.

Equipment purification

  1. Upgrade the purification of Level 120 open equipment, open the purification hole and change the purification attribute, the need to use purification soul stones, it is recommended that the player store purification soul stone props first; The average unlock when unlocking a washing entry is the most cost-effective.
  2. After unlocking the entry, prioritize for purification 1 time, if there are no special needs, you are temporarily unable to wash, the purification of follow-up is good.
  3. Players with stronger powers are advised to wash these rare attributes such as lethal, heart, resolution, resistance, hitting, and evasion; Buddhist players are advised to wash the basic attributes of attack, life, and defense to enhance their basic values.
  4. Refining and refining are separate, and purification will not affect the value of attributes enhanced by purification, and purification will not affect the type of purification attribute.
  5. The upper limit of the value of the subtle attribute was related to the level of the player, and the higher the level, the higher the upper limit.


Spirit beast equipment

On this day, the player who became the king opened the spirit beast equipment, and the spirit beast equipment produced in the previous personal boss every day could be charged, if the hallows and Dao instrument equipment could be put into the consignment shop to circulate to obtain bound jade and yuanbao, the consumption of yuanbao would be relatively large.


Mount equipment

The Sendo conference opened on the seventh day of service, and resulted in better mounting equipment that could replace the lower-seat equipment in the personal boss.



Participate in soul emperor phantom events from across services to obtain the output of yuan baby materials.