Important Gameplay


Monster Invasion


The activities that benefit the Clan the most, can earn large amounts of contributions and these contributions can be exchanged for many items such as Breakthrough Pills. Monster Invasion contributes the most to the Clan, as does Spirit Beast EXP and item drops. When fighting Monster Invasion, it is recommended to prioritize fighting mobs, as Bosses will be hard to beat for a while. The first thing to do is pick up the reward mobs and fight the Boss. The profits will be more.


Immortal Competition

Unlocked at Level 43


1) Play when you are stuck at the same level and lack EXP for upgrades, then proceed to do the main mission after playing in the next level

2) It is recommended to purchase a number of challenges in the early stages, so that you can get a high rank in the arena to get rewards. The prizes you get will be more attractive at 21.00 every night.

3) When challenging, try to use [Change Batch], sweep the challengeable rank forward and then challenge

4) You will get a lot of currency after the amount earned is full, which can be exchanged at the mall.


Mystery of The Abyss

Unlocked at Level 42


1) In early stage, Boss has extra drop from first kill. You have to give the red clothes, you have to destroy all the bosses in the secret realm, and at the same time make the boss gifts, you can also get the rewards.

2) In addition to equipment, The Secret Realm of Mingyuan will be returned to the Pill Cultivation Base and The Crusade's orders. The value of the immortal power consumed by the BOSS of the secret realm will slowly recover. It's recommended to finish him off before he goes offline, so you can play again once he's online.

3) Meet the requirements of wearing, fight the highest-level Boss you can fight, and there are more high-level equipements to unravel and upgrade jade. It is recommended to use coupons that increase the magic value of the secret realm when you need to upgrade equipment.

4) The number of BOSS HP increases gradually according to the number of people, but efficiency will be increased to a certain extent. It is recommended to find a team to kill the BOSS faster. If you are confident in your abilities, it is advisable to fight alone.


Underworld fantasy

Unlocked at Level 42


1) The illusion must drop the red outfit, as well as the blue crusade command and the Dao.

2) Illusion will also drop character soul pills, which are needed to increase combat power in the early stages.

3) Illusion V4 can only be entered. The earlier V4, the better, and enjoy it as early as 4.

4) Meet the usage requirements, fight the highest-level BOSS you can fight, and the high-level equipment will decompose and increase the jade more.


World Ruler

Unlocked at Level 50


1) If the world BOSS can take the first prize, you must take it. If you missed it, you can use treasure digging. You can dig for treasure by buying a monthly card. You can also get tied jade rebates, and treasure digging cans also trigger third place in the BOSS' first kill. Reward, kill three birds with one stone

2) After clearing your nation's world BOSS, you can go to fight another nation's BOSS, or you can go to take another country's BOSS first!

3) Killing enemies can reduce their team's cumulative damage, and kill the BOSS first; You also have to form a team to fight, and the team has additional gift equipment and props

4) Remember to grab the BOSS after leveling up. The leader with the most damage can become famous in "Challenge the Lord", and also allow citizens to receive additional rewards.


Horse racing convention

Unlocked at Level 50


Players start horse racing after placing bets. During the race, props can be used to block the horse's progress, so that other horses can win and cause trouble together

1) 5 minutes before the event (14:30-14:35 20:30-20:35) is voting time, if you miss it you will not be able to participate, so you must enter voting first

2) It is recommended to choose the same horse as the gang members, use props to block other horses, upgrade the picky horse, and win prizes;


Jiu You Demon Lord

Unlocked at Level 50


1) There is a chance to get the mount and wing costume, as well as the Dao Xuanyu Holy Spirit Jade, the only stone output set, try not to miss it

2) Immortal jade can use boost to increase damage, remember to point out, the more flowers you spend, the more significant the increase. If you have the ability to suggest all points, the results are very objective.

3) You don't need blood medicine, you can use jade to revive when you die, and you can do more damage with the resurrection buff.


Heaven Top

Day 2 open 21:00-21:30


1) In Heaven Top, you will definitely get Gods, Divine Weapons, Gods Fragments, and other props. After reaching Heaven Top, you can buy good things from mysterious merchants (breakthrough materials with Bound Immortal Jade, rare materials with Immortal Jade). Do not miss!


Preparing for the Royal City Battle


Every day from 0-18:00, 20-24:00, after the declaration of war, the participants of the royal city war will be determined at the next 18:00, and the royal city battle will start at 19:00 on the next day after the war is confirmed, and the leader of the winning gang can become the king of the country

Therefore, it was necessary to declare war before 18:00 on the first day, and at 19:00 on the second day to fight the King's City War and rob the king.


Demon Sealing Order

Level 57 unlocked


When you get it, don't worry about letting it go yourself. You can arrange players to form a team of 5 people. Everyone will be summoned to one place at the same time. Everyone can get 5 prizes, and no one will lose.


Destroy the Great Array

Level 60


The enemy king's downtown formation is the mission target. There was no time for state affairs on the first day, so there was no need to wait for a certain period of time to do so. A reasonable interlude can make the first day of conflict more interesting. It is recommended to play in the afternoon or evening when players have played almost the heart-requiring content of the day, to avoid people rushing to level up and have to keep running back to maintain the grand formation, experience is not good It is recommended to team up with other players to play a grand formation. Destroying nearby nation players will have additional rewards.


New service for subjugating demons

Level 50


The BOSS appears in a random royal city. Join team members to defeat the BOSS. This activity will contribute to PVP, and will be more intense to get pvp points.The item drop from the boss is impressive, the top three prizes are great, and there are opportunities to get fashion looks, and materials such as red clothes and gems.


King City Battle

How to play:


1) The war declaration time is 00.00-18:00 and 20.00-24:00 daily. After the war is declared, the King City battle will be confirmed at 18:00, and the king city battle will start at 18:30 the next day after the war party is confirmed. The leader of the victorious Clan can become the king of the country.

2) Players from Clans participating in the battle of King City War can enter the event venue. There are two ways to earn points. One of them is to occupy the center guard of the map to earn points. kill enemy gang members;

3) The battle ends when the points are full or the battle countdown returns to 0. The clan with more points wins, and the leader of the winning clan becomes king

Suggestion: Go to higher ground and see if the situation advances or retreats in battle, avoid mindless fighting, and find opportunities to earn points.

Once the king was decided, a national war had to be declared immediately. After the national war is declared, the national war will start on the second day, which ensures players can experience the gameplay and the national war on the third day of server opening.

4) Clans that fail to compete can occupy the four sacred beasts, and can also get rewards in return.


Dragon Fight

Level 70 and above Country time has a bonus


Entering an enemy nation to capture a dragon spirit can increase your own nation's dragon spirit. This can lead players to actively participate in competition and defense, and a pop-up notification will appear when dragon energy is stolen from the nation. Dragon Qi arranges for everyone to work together to retrieve it, the clan leader is responsible for transforming the dragon energy, and team members are responsible for maintaining the change of the clan leader. Teams change faster, and one person needs to change many times.

Note: There is a bonus for completing sub-tasks within state time, this task can be used as daily accumulation of hatred between countries.


King City Patrol

Open on the 2nd day Country time has a bonus


You can combine this gameplay with competition for dragon energy, and lead players from your home country on patrol missions near teleporters in your home country, and you can do PVP when you meet players who enter your country to steal dragon energy. Concentrating on completing the royal city patrols and then doing the dragon qi competition together can also avoid getting beaten up when the enemy country is in the dragon qi competition. Guarding the royal city can get daily rewards protect the country's hero list




1) To get Beauty, you have to try to kidnap her every day. It is best to seize the red beauty on time. You can get beauty fragments, collect a certain amount to exchange for beauty, and increase a lot of combat power

2) Elves ask for help in obtaining altar offerings and Clan rewards

Demon King's Altar

Open on the 2nd day 19:00-19:20


During the day, guide the player to take care of the fairy tree first, and the Dala fruit obtained can increase the evolution of the demon king altar boss to the next level and increase the reward. 

You can buy Qianyuan Flowers in the Mall, or you can make the altar boss evolve, and you can guide the scattered people to join your own team, because your own team leader is definitely high level, and the reward is higher than that of the same team. spread.

The Demon King Altar rewards you for producing pet eggs and a large EXP array, and the rewards will increase as the star level increases. Try not to miss it. If you missed it, you can find it in the [Blessing] of the altar interface. Participate in Monster Invasion, Fairy Pig Cultivation, and get props that can be used to increase the star level of the Demon King altar, and team members can collectively hand over higher star level items.


Treasure in heaven

Open on the 2nd day 19:30 - 19:50


Ice and Fire Battlefield

Unlock at Level 50 21:00-21:30


Points can be earned by capturing towers or killing people. Points for capturing towers > kill points. It is recommended to seize the tower first, then defend the tower to earn points.

The Ice and Fire Battlefield has a [Soldier Armor] setting. Players will get a BUFF after logging in, if the combat power is too low, and the attribute will be a higher attribute than the current one. and Fire Battlefield will automatically increase points over time. There will be prizes to be won, players are advised to participate in this event.

Don't be discouraged by low battle points, because the weaker side will get attribute bonus buffs, the more buffs you get, the stronger you will be.


Ancient temple

Level 65 and above


The shorter the challenge time, the higher the star rating, the better the rewards. Be sure to cooperate with other players to challenge, to get the highest star rating. It is possible to produce a red item, 3 stars will drop costume fragments, and 40 costume fragments can be combined into a costume, which greatly increases the combat power.


Penglai Animal Island

Level 60 and above


1) Due to the star rating and the number of times, try to wait until you really run out of materials, or when your combat power doesn't increase.

2) The recommended combat power is only 1 star clearance combat power. The higher the star, the better the reward.


Nation War Game Hints and Tips

How to play:


1) After the war is declared, the Nation War will start at 20:00 the next day. The attacker will go to the city of the defender king to attack the national war NPC, and finally defeat the king to win.

2) Nation War is divided into east and west, you have to defeat the NPC in another route before you can attack the next NPC.

3) Royal Protector and Royal Protector will have the king of the kingdom occupied by the attacker and can be attacked, and the defender can attack the heavenly ruler/king of the kingdom that the enemy occupied to reclaim and avoid the king's kingdom from being attacked

4) Defenders can recover 10% of the King's blood when they reclaim the Protector God and Heavenly Protector Master.

5) When the Nation War time ends or the king is defeated, the national war ends


Attacker's suggestion:


1) When the attacker attacks, the troops will be divided into two groups, and at the same time, they will advance the NPCs in the east and west, because the Celestial Master/God General will be recaptured by the enemy, it will recover 10% of the King's blood, so it is necessary to avoid going back and forth to snatch the Heavenly Lord/General God

2) The rulers/gods will try to take them all together, so the defenders will be a little confused, and they don't know which one to grab first; when grabbing fast, one of the state officials will crouch. the king of the kingdom first, and then use [[Jie Wang Ling] Summoning the citizens to fly directly to Jie Wang to attack directly, saving time to run the map;

3) Make good use of the Tianbao Talisman and the Five Elements Pingtiance Flag.


Defense advice:


1) After the battle button on the right is turned on, the king can heal the king twice, which is easy to forget

2) Try to avoid being occupied by Heavenly Sovereigns/Gods at the same time, and recapture them after occupation;

3) Make good use of the Tianbao Talisman and the Five Elements Flag Pingtiance


Destroy the Statue

Open on day 3


Go to the enemy country and destroy the statue of the king of the enemy country to complete the task. State time has a bonus. After the country time has transported peaches and captured dragon energy, you can lead your own country players to enemy countries to destroy grand formations and statues, and guide conflict.

After the statue's blood reaches 0, the statue will kneel, and there is an additional reward in the state.


International Robbery

Open on day 3


An important way to earn money, attack 100% of the fairy life accumulatively can complete the quest, and can guide players to focus on it;

In addition, you can set up a large wave of players to annoy the enemy country elves during country time. It is more difficult to take one player. Cooperate to divide the money evenly, take several times to the daily limit

You can stay at the dart changing point and wait for enemy players to pick up darts while they change darts.