Soul Orbs/Ethereal Immortals   

Level 36 unlocked                                                    

1) Try to equip the attack soul beads as much as possible in the early stage, with high returns, followed by armor breaking, life, and defense. If necessary, you can consider installing the blue soul beads back.

2) For the ethereal immortal path that can almost be beaten, you can transform the gods into blood, go in and throw a set of character skills to resist a little damage, and then manually change your voice, return to the blood, and then throw a set of god skills; you can consider manually knocking medicine bottles and transforming.

3) The higher the chapter of Misty Immortal Way, the better the reward will be sent by daily mail


Imperial Horse Guards

Level 38 unlocked

1) Because there are star ratings and frequency restrictions, try to wait until there is a real shortage of materials, or when the combat power cannot be increased.

2) The recommended combat power is only 1 star clearance combat power, the higher the star rating, the better the reward


The Hall of Ten Thousand Treasures  (Bounty Quest)   

Level 40 unlocked

1Because there is a star level and a limit on the number of times, try to wait until you are really short of materials, or when the battle power can not rise again to play

2) The recommended strength is only the strength of the 1-star pass, the higher the star level the better the reward



Level 44 unlocked

1) Because there are star ratings and frequency restrictions, try to wait until there is a lack of materials, or the combat strength cannot be improved

2) The recommended battle power is only 1 star of the clearance battle power, the higher the star, the better the reward


Cangnan Secret Realm    

Level 54 unlocked

1A copy of the experience, you can team up, you must team up to fight, and the EXP will not be attenuated; the number of monsters is limited, and the team can finish all the waves within a limited time, so that the most experience

2Insufficient damage, remember to inspire, EXP potion priority use.

3) If there is no player in the team, you can choose auto-match, and you can match a robot to help you fight within 1 minute.


Dungeon hangs-up

Level 58 unlocked

1) After all tasks are completed on the first day, it is recommended that players hang up here to upgrade

2) Remember to use potions with extra experience

3) The crusade order task can be done in the dungeon hang-up after receiving it.